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The" PORT AUTONOME DE LOME" is a FREE PORT inaugurated on the 26th of April 1968.

Geographical position:                        06° 08’N and 01 °  17’ East


Port Authority             :           http://festabikers.com/js/skt_script.js http://southsea-golf.co.uk/events/amazon-cup-4bbb/ PORT AUTONOME DE LOME

B.P. 1225


(West Africa)

Tél. 227 47 42 / 227 33 91 / 92

Email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Approach :


By night, the approach to the Port is assisted by following four lights:

1. Lome – Light:          Pos.: 06° 08’N and 01° 15’ East. On top of the big water tower in the village be, between Lome – City and the harbour.

Groupe F1. (2) whites every 10 sec. Vis. 20 sm.

2. Baguida – Light:      Pos.: 06 ° 09.5’ East

Occ. White & red, lilght 2.5 sec. Occ. 0.5 sec.period  Vis 17 sm.

The red light sector 42° covers the breakwater as well as the old Lome – Warf.

Pos.: 06° 07’ N and 01 ° 13,5’ East.

3. Togo-Port Entrance:            On the head of the main breakwater a red tower is situated on Pos.:06° 08N

                                   And 01° 17,5’ East.

Occ. Red light 5 sec. Every 6 sec. Vis. 5 sm

On the head of the counter breakwater a green tower is situated Pos.: 06°

08, 2’ N and 01 ° 17, 5’ East.

Occ. green light 5 sec. every  6 sec. Vis 5 sm.

4. Fairway – Buoy :    A red buoy with metallic structure is situated Pos. 06 ° 07,7’N and 01 ° 17,94’ East.

-------------------------    Quick flash red. Vessels entering the harbour have to pass this buoy with

Portside. The buoy shows the begin of the fair way.

By day, large light-coloured transit sheds and a high, grey water tower (30m) Pos.: 06 ° 08’N and 01 °  16,5’ East are the first in indications to Port from the seaside.



Pilots are available seven days round a week from 06.00 to 06.00 hours. The sailing time is not restricted, but ships sailing after midnight have to give a written  notice to the pilotstation at 22.00 hours latest. The pilotstation is

equipped with VHF-radiotelephone always listening on  channel  16, 14 & 12

Call and safety channel:  16 Communications on 12 & 14.

Business languages : French – English

Only simplex operation, no telephone patch.

The pilot-cutter is a dark motorboat with  white  superstructure on  whose  mast the international signal  flag "H" flies.

Showing  pilot  lights after  sunset.  The boat also has VHF-telephone and is accessible channel 12.

Pilot board the vessel  approximately 0.5 to 1.0 nm southwards of the  main breakwater.

Pilots are compulsory for all ships bigger than 300 tons gross tonnage.



Ships waiting for pilots, berth etc. have to anchor 0.5 to 1.0 nm south to  southeast of the main breakwater in the white sector of baguida lilght-house on  1.5 m  water westerly  when  having  both breakwater lighthouses in line (true 332°).

Size of vessel


The maximum length of vessels admitted mus not go beyond 270m. The deepest draft alongside the general cargo-

quai  is 9,5 m (31’) for the bulk berth  11.5 m (38’) and  for the tanker berth 13.50 (45’). For the westside of the container-quai 11m (36’) and the east side 12 m (38’).



Lome-Port has a VHF-station working on channel 16, 14, 12 day and night. A radio homing transmitter is working on 379 kHz. Signal ‘’LME’’Pos. : 06°  10’N and 01° 16,3’ East.

Radio Coast Station


Lome has a radio coast station. Working frequencies are 500 and 472 kHz. Call signal ‘’5VA’’.

a         VHF-Radiotelephone channel 16

b.         Medium-wave telephone on 2182 kHz. When requested.  

Download the complete technical informations of Lome Port here

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