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quando vc começa a namorar Physical bunker and marine lube oil supplier in TOGO ports (Lome & Kpeme) & at road

« Quick and timely delivery of a wide range of grades »

United Maritime Ltd was the first licensed and certified bunker supplier in Lome port, Kpeme terminal for many years after its foundation in 1978.

With a reputation for being a reliable supplier, we strive for long – terms as well as timely and safe bunkering services, we provide a 24 hour service, 7 days a week, as the maritime industry is never “closed” neither are we.


The company has developed greatly since then, successfully completing in the area providing high quality product and services of real value to customers, refining the process of bunkering to perfection.

The company offers a wide range of fuel oils, all meeting ISO 8217:2005 standards:

  • IFO 180
  • IFO 380
  • MGO

Fuel quality is strictly controlled by the company’s certified laboratory, starting at the supply level of the product even before the fuel enters the storage tank.

Our main activity is all season bunker supply to foreign vessels inside the port and also at anchorage.

We shall be supplying all grades of fuel oil (ranging the 10cst to 380 cst) both high and low-sulphur as well as MGO conforming to international ISO standard.


United Maritime Ltd is a supplier of all major grades of lubricants in bulk as well as packed.

* All Lubricant grades can be delivered to vessels alongside and at roads either in bulk or drums, depending on customer’s choice

We are one of the leading lubricants suppliers in the TOGO. United Maritime Ltd supplies the complete range of Marine Care products. This consists of an extensive range of maintenance and cleaning materials as well as supplementary equipment and services. With more then 33 years of experience.


For more information on our products and services please do not hesitate to contact us.


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