Forwarding agentsžový Ship spares delivery

Using « United Maritime Ltd » you do not have a simple forwarder we can secure your spares delivery on board as above however additionally, whenever is  necessary, we can arrange for you workshop, fitters, port facilities such as cranes, barges/boats, technicians etec…which may be necessary.


Our staff is highly experienced in customs clearance and agency services.

How your spares must be consigned to?

see this site Master M/V …….



Bd du mono, rond point du port face Togo telecom espace,


TEL : 00 228 227 10 11/234 53 90

Fax : 00 228 227 28 58

Documentation needed !

The original AWB should accompany the spare or parcels.

Details commercial Invoice for the shipment.

Note: State on invoice: Spares are in transit to vessel site rencontre affreuse moche grosse M/V …….

Airport to be used: voir ce site GNASSINGBE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT

We will require 48 hours after arrival of spares at Airport to deliver to master on board of the vessel. Meanwhile please note that if spares arrive on weekends / holidays special arrangements will have to be made with customs to have them cleared.

Copies of above documents will have to be faxed or e-mail immediately to our office before arrival of spares.

Once spares have been cleared from customs it is a local regulation that, it will be escorted on to the vessel by custom officer.    

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